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Knowledge Inspires Responsible Action

KIRA is at your side in times of need. It is a chatbot that we've developed at Aiah to share important, official information about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supported Platform

Tech as a force for good

Depending on the version that you need, the platform helps share information or automates daily health checks & other engagement interactions during this pandemic.

Agent hand-off

For Public Sector

As our way of helping in the best way we know how, we can create and host a KIRA chatbot for any UN health agencies and verified government health organizations for FREE.

*Examples of health organizations include public international organizations, central, regional/municipal and local government entities and central government administrations.

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For Enterprise

The Enterprise version helps companies ensure the health and safety of their employees by automating daily health checks and other employee engagement interactions. There are 2 versions, SMS or Facebook Workplace.

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