Chatbots vs Virtual Assistants


As the battle continues with the pandemic, more jobs have converted into virtual jobs. AI applications are making noise in digital platforms to support businesses that have adapted digital solutions. Many consumers have started embracing online shopping as well. Lifestyles have changed and lives have adjusted.

How? Through digital transformation and businesses shifting to automation. AI applications that are popular and now easily acquired are chatbots and/or virtual assistants.


Your digital buddy 24/7 is generally used for information acquisition interfaces, such as knowing the customer’s preferences, wants, and needs. Chatbots are used to interact with your audience and are programmed to receive & answer queries. This makes chatbots crucial in the customer service department. Customers interact and create meaningful conversations to get answers of the product they are interested in; on the other hand, chatbots are there to provide round-the-clock customer service and eliminate repetitive & manual tasks.

Virtual Assistants

Your daily reminder of things-to-do- from digital marketing tasks, setting an appointment, customer interactions, or even typing messages. Virtual assistants provide assistance in clerical, technical, and creative jobs remotely. Nowadays, with the current situation we are in, business must go on, may it be online or offline. Sure, virtual assistants may have the human touch, but attending to tasks even at wee hours is impossible.

What is the difference between the two? Chatbots are programmed to do tasks, based on a given set of information. They can scale businesses much faster than having a manual process of answering a customer one by one. 

But when they are not properly designed, they can often irk a customer if a concern is left unattended to. This is why some business prefer to use virtual agents, who are agents from afar and have more dynamic conversations as the interaction goes along.

However, having them 24/7 is not an option. It can be costly to maintain and also tedious to constantly train.

Each business has a different set of objectives or problems to tackle. When selecting between a chatbot or a virtual agent, they have to be aware of the pros and cons of each. Both have extensive and innovative capabilities that can help the businesses grow and reduce cost. 


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